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Hi y'all!

Hi y’all!

December 2013, hONEyhoUSe is back in the studio with our beloved John Wall of Wall of Sound Studios. With 13 new tunes, “Sweep” will go to press early this Spring. Seems like Mandy, Yvonne and I never run out of things to say… “Sweep” talks about simply learning to grow and all that comes with that process.. love, friendship, forgiveness, loss.. making fun of your own darn self! (; Huge props to our girlies, Miss One Take-Savannah Thomas- who’s breaking out all kinds of grooviness on Cajon/Djembe and Maud (Maudstrosity) Beenhouwer for laying epic tracks. Mandy, Vonnie and I find ourselves tugging at the seams of our vocal comfort zones..there’s a lot to let loose there (; You’ll hear brother Chris Dracup’s signature badass slide slipping through Yvonne’s stellar acoustic and David Barclay Gomez fills in with some Hohner yumminess.

Big Life

Big Life

“i don’t wanna fly first class, just wanna drive with the top down every road is waiting.. be so nice if you’d stay around roll up the night.. when it gets windy and cold showing me what’s up ahead when my eyes are growing old” ~ h. smith

..and your eyes, they shine like rays of light and i think you're ready to be queen of anything you like. — y. perea