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hONEyhoUSe KICKSTARTER Campaign - Let's rock this!

hONEyhoUSe KICKSTARTER Campaign – Let’s rock this!

With great anticipation hONEyhoUSe is coming down the homestretch of completing our 3rd and soon to be internationally released CD, “SWEEP” and hopefully touring this beautiful country of ours and well as abroad.. spreadin’ some honey love (: To help with funding the recording and launching our tour we have enlisted the help of KICKSTARTER. Kickstarter […]

hONEyhoUSe is now on Pandora radio!

hONEyhoUSe is now on Pandora radio!

Hey ya’ll, groovy news to share! Tune in to hONEyhoUSe radio station on Pandora!   Check it out here!

Our new track – Conquer The World

Enjoy a sample from our new hONEyhoUSe track entitled “Conquer The World”.

hONEyhoUSe in Concert - by Mel Minter

hONEyhoUSe in Concert – by Mel Minter

When it comes to women’s voices singing three-part harmony, I am completely defenseless. The music bypasses all critical faculties and goes straight for the heart. When the harmonizing is done with the peerless joy, skill, and emotional investment that hONEyhoUSe bring to the table, well, don’t bother handing me a tissue. Just pass the whole box. Singer/songwriters […]